❝mindlessly dreaming with an imperfectionist❞

❝mindlessly dreaming with an imperfectionist❞

h  o  m  e      |      m  e  s  s  a  g  e      |      a  r  c  h  i  v  e

Name: Lilly Roxanne W. | 朝比奈 雨音 (アマネ)
Birthday: July 20th
Cellist · Photography · Video-Editing · Graphic Design

"I saw them kick you and beat you till you lay bleeding in the dirt. Broken and burnt, with tears in your eyes, you got up, opened your wings, and hugged the entire world."

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'Expectations' are what you have when you've given up.

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"He forgot about you so easily, just remember that."
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Our 4 week old kitten’s first time in the grass

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Your Past Becomes a Fog Within You
India K

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